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Type Psychoactive
Legal Status To be confirmed
This group of drugs works on cannabinoid receptors in the brain and body as Synthetic Cannabinoid Receptor Agonists (SCRAs). In lieu of more detailed information only the broadest of harm reduction messages can be offered. Including the following: - Be aware that the description of contents on the package of any compound may bear no resemblance to the actual contents. Although described as “herbal” compounds the actual psychoactive material is typically synthetic, not herbal. - Although sold on-line and via ‘head-shops,’ some of the products sold as “legal” may in fact be controlled drugs; often neither the manufacturer nor the retailer are certain as to the identity and legality of the product they are selling. - Potency is hugely variable: start with a very small dose (match-head size of less) and only escalate dose cautiously, giving time for previous doses to wear off. - Some people report blends containing a mix of different chemicals can have more unpleasant side effects and should only be used with great caution. - Be VERY cautious about using such compounds in bongs or pipes: it is harder to regulate intake and easy to take too much. - Don’t get into bouts of competitive use (e.g. in bucket bongs etc) as there is a high risk of overdosing. - If sourcing pure powder synthetic cannabinoids, only use very small doses, calculated using scales and thoroughly mixed in to smoking material. - Don’t use in conjunction with other drugs, especially other forms of cannabis, alcohol or stimulants; There may be a risk of heart problems: you are best off avoiding these compounds if you have an existing heart problem or are using alongside stimulants. - As synthetic cannabinoids may exacerbate anxiety and paranoia only use in an environment in which you feel safe, with people who you trust. Avoid using if prone to anxiety or have existing mental health problems. - In the event of panic or anxiety, often treating as for panic attack will help resolve symptoms – sitting down, head down, regular breathing and reassurance. However more serious symptoms, including delusional behaviour or respiratory distress may require medical assistance. - If you experience a sustained period of fast heart rate, or experience chest pains call an ambulance. - Use can cause a comedown, development of tolerance, dependence and withdrawal symptoms. If using these compounds, don’t use constantly and take breaks from use. - Don’t drive or operate machinery when using these compounds.(Harm reduction bullet points taken from KFX briefing) - Make sure you have more days where you don’t use, than days where you use. - Use in a safe environment with trusted company - Tell someone you are with what you are taking