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Option 1

Download and print a Sample & Effects Record

First download a blank Sample & Effects Form (PDF document) using the link below and then follow the instructions to submit your sample.




Download Sample & Effects Form

Download the WEDINOS sample & Effects Form





To submit your sample follow these steps

(Please note 'Sample' = Substance (pills, tablets, powders, liquids etc...)

Step 1: Secure the sample

  • If the sample is a powder make sure that it is secured before being placed into a WEDINOS bag / leak proof container. The sample can be secured by wrapping it in paper, cling film or foil for example.
  • Place the sample inside a WEDINOS bag or a leak-proof container, such as a sealable polythene bag or a siftproof container and seal.
  • N.B. Only one sample type per sample bag.
  • Do not submit any paraphernalia e.g. barrels / pipes / syringes. Samples contained within these items will not be analysed.

Step 2: Download / print and complete the Sample & Effects form

  • Please complete all questions, write N/A if anything is 'not applicable'.
  • The effects section is used to record effects experienced, following use of the sample only. If the sample has not yet been used do not complete this section.

Step 3: Generate a Reference Code

  • Generate a Reference Code by clicking on the button below:

  • Clearly write the Reference Code on the sample bag/container
  • Clearly write this Reference Code at the top of the Sample & Effects form
  • Make a note of this code - you will need it to find out your result.

Step 4: Seal the Sample & Effects form and sample

  • Place the Sample & Effects form along with the sealed sample into a separate envelope

Step 5: Submit your sample

  • Post your sample to:

    WEDINOS Project
    Cardiff Toxicology Laboratories
    4th Floor
    Academic Centre
    University Hospital Llandough
    Penlan Road
    CF64 2XX

Step 6: Get your results

  • Results will be posted within a few days
  • Enter your barcode number in the 'Sample Result' section to find your results